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Bergerac, Dordogne, Périgord, France, Aeylis, cottage, guest house
Bergerac by night - Photo D.R.
Cyrano, Bergerac, Dordogne, Périgord, France, Aeylis, cottage, guest house
Mister Cyrano - Photo D.R.

Bergerac !


A proud town over-looking the Dordogne river, still marked with the memories of the Gabarres used for transporting commerce goods years ago, and Cyrano... Who never set foot (or nose) in the area ! Bergerac, and its surroundings, filled with vines, chateaux and bastides : welcome to Bergerac, and it unique, diversified way of life.


Let’s talk Wine ! Here, a vast palette of wines with 5 colours, 13 AOC, 12000 hectares : more than enough to keep you busy. Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Saussignac, heavy reds, fruity rosés, sweet whites… With each mouthful, an explosion of taste and aromas that can only be created by the dedicated winegrowers of the region. Go for a walk through their vines, visit their cellars and some even offer a little bite to eat, whilst tasting their own production.


Oh, and there’s enough to do on the heritage side of things too. Bastides, Medieval towns and villages,  châteaux, churches, cloisters and caves. Where to start ? And it’s the perfect occasion to learn little anecdotes and answer questions such as... What does New York, and the medieval villages around here have in common ? Why exactly are the churches here fortified ? How is paper made ? And how much time does it take for a stalagmite take to form ?


Borie, Dordogne, Périgord, France, cottage, guets house
A typical "borie" - Photo D.R.

Discover unusual activities near Aeylis


Sail on the Dordogne in « gabare » (local barge), learn french by playing golf at international golf of Vigiers, fly over the Dordogne’s valley and its castles by air balloon, learn œnology Saint-Emilion or Bordeaux, surf on the “Mascaret” (tidal bore at Bergerac,)…

Aeylis has been recently renovated in the purpose of offering its guests privacy and quietness. You can stay for one week (from 280 euros) or more if affinity. When respectful of the environment, cats, dogs and other pets are welcomed.


A variety of sports and activities are too on offer : golf, hiking, tennis, Pilates, aqua gym and aqua bike...


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